Myself, Me, and I

I was born here in Bethlehem, in the year 2000. My father had a stable Management position at the old Bethlehem Steel, while my mom was attending university to earn her degree in accounting. As a result of my mother’s sedulous workload at school, my maternal grandparents left their comfortable lives in the Slovak Republic to come take care of me. I lived in Upper Saucon for two years, in a house owned by the Bethlehem Steel. But when the company went bankrupt in 2003, my father lost his job, furthermore we lost our home. We moved into the north-side of Bethlehem, into an apartment block for the time being. As my mom was finishing school, my father was able to land a good job at St. Lukes Hospital. During this time, we were building our house, located just south of Hellertown. My mother was furthermore able to land an accounting job at the same hospital.

I attended Saucon Valley School District for the duration of my entire Primary and Secondary Education. As an only child, I initially struggled making close friends. Nevertheless, I would make countless friends throughout elementary school. I got involved in sports and music. In Second Grade, I began playing Baseball and Soccer. And even though I wasn’t the best at both, I continued playing baseball until my 8th grade year. I had various avid interests as a child. I loved playing all the countless Pokemon games, as well as the card games, as they were reaching a newfound level of popularity following the height of Poke-mania in the late 1990s. Moreover, I had an unhealthy obsession with Legos and Star Wars. In addition to all of this, I was an avid internet geek from a young age. YouTube always allowed me to indulge in all of my interests. For a time being in 4th grade, I had my own channel, and uploaded regularly (thankfully it no longer exists).

During Middle School, I began indulging on a new interest: History and Geography. A subject many my age would care less about, I simply could not get enough of it. My interest in history eventually led to an interest in politics. And thus, my 13 year old self began challenging the opinion of my 7th grade Social Studies teacher. My eccentricity had reached a peak in late Middle School. By High School, I was able to find myself for who I really was.

I accumulated a plethora of friends and acquaintances throughout High School, all from different backgrounds. I was friends with athletes, music kids, “bad” kids, etc. As I aged in High School, I became more and more of a social butterfly. By my Senior Year, I was Drum Major of the Band, playing on the Tennis Team, debating on the Debate Team, in Stage Crew, and generally expressing friendliness with all groups of students.

Although I grew up around Lehigh University my entire life, I had never expected to actually attend it after I graduated. And since life is full of surprises, exactly that happened. By the conclusion of my junior year, it was my first and only choice. I applied Early Decision later that fall, and was totally excited when I received my acceptance letter in December of 2017.

Literature has also always fascinated me. In my senior year of high school, I read the book “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” which deeply grasped my interest. Besides this, classical literature such as the Odyssey and Iliad have simply just blown me away.